Consultancy, Projects, Control and Supervision

Build, Renovate, Invest in Portugal?

The construction and renovation/rehabilitation of a house, apartment or commercial establishment can be a complicated, time-consuming, and even expensive process when you do not know all the steps of the process.

Tell us what you want and where... we'll plan it with you!


Civil Technik Engineering is a Consultancy company, based in Switzerland, whose main aims are the quality performance of its work and customer satisfaction, ruled by honesty and transparency.

We take care of the entire bureaucratic project process, from the architecture licensing to different engineering specialties, building necessary licenses, Job site supervision and coordination and final certifications. 

The company provides a personalized service to each customer, always valuing their needs and their investment. Detailing each feature of each element, guaranteeing strict compliance, high quality, and good execution of construction rules.

Company goals

Professionalism and Experience

We value every investment. Using good management, combined with good planning and effective solutions, depending on the complexity of each project, will make the investment more profitable. 

We have several years of professional experience, both in project and in construction, whether new construction, renovation, or rehabilitation.


Trust comes from personalized, transparent, honest, and integrated relationships. 

We search the best solutions in partnership with our clients, aiming at their satisfaction and trust in our work.


We promote quality, ruling ourselves by the good construction practices.

We also promote safety at work and social responsibility, as well as the environment with the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Select the type of service that best suits you:

Standard Service

Project and Supervision

  • Study of documents and property
    • Needs assessment
    • Assessment of what could be done
    • Analysis and inspection of the property
  • Licensing
    • Survey
    • Definition and project solutions
    • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Architecture Project
    • Engineering Projects
    • Municipal Licensing
  • Surveillance / Supervision
    • Job site Monitoring and Supervision
    • Technical responsibility
    • Housing licenses and energy certification

Gold Service

–  Project and Supervision and Construction Management

  • Project and Supervision
  • Construction Management
    • Analysis and Evaluation of construction companies
    • Job site planning
    • Control and quality management
    • Cost and deadline control
    • Survey, experts and technical reports

Premium Service

- Investment consulting and management

  • Project and Supervision and Construction Management
  • Investment management
    • Investment contract management (Legal Department)
    • Technical and service provider management (Maintenance of buildings/properties and their equipment)
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