General Data Protection Regulation

Commitment by Civil Technik Engineering klg

The protection of privacy and personal data, as well as their transparent and integrated treatment, is a fundamental commitment of Civil Technik Engineering toward its customers and users of its services and products.

Civil Technik recommends to read this document as well as his updates.

Personal Data and Categories of Data Processed

Personal Data Definition 

In accordance with the provisions of European legislation on data protection, Personal Data is any type of information that identifies or leads to the identification of a specific living person (Data Subject). This information may be of any nature and on any support basis (text, sound, image...), including uncharacterized, coded or renamed data with pseudonyms, but identifying an individual.

Examples of information: Name, Address, ID card number, Tax number, Location data, Email address, IP address, Connection testimonials, Telephone advertising ID, etc.

Holders of personal data

The data subjects are the users and/or customers, to whom the data belong or concern and who use the products or services of Civil Technik Engineering.

The difference between Client and User must be taken into consideration:

User will be the person who uses the products and/or services;

The client is the person who enters into the contract with Civil Technik Engineering.

In both cases, whether you are a user or a customer, Civil Technik Engineering respects your rights and protects your personal data.

Data Categories (Examples)

Identification : Name, Tax number, Date of birth, Nationality, Photos, Videos, Customer number

Contacts : E-mail address, Address, Phone number

Profile : Nationality, Marital status, Gender, Country of residence, Date of birth, Number of children

Electronic interactions: IP address, Cookies, Device location

Interesses : Cartões de fidelização, Históricos, Hobbies

Basis for processing personal data


Civil Technik Engineering will only process your personal data after you have given your consent, in writing, orally or by validating a choice, and you must be well informed and reasoned, unambiguous, specific and free.

Civil Technik analyzes the use of its services and products. We may use your identification and service usage data to send you marketing messages and request service information to improve our quality of service;

Pré-contractual and contractual due diligence

In the case of preparation of proposals for products and/or services, management of contacts/complaints, information and requests, billing management, collection and payments, there may be a need to process personal data for the management, conclusion or execution of contracts;

Legal requirement

Upon request or order to communicate identification data to police, judicial, tax or regulatory authorities, Civil Technik will process personal data to comply with legal obligations to which it is subject;

Legitimate interest

The processing of personal data corresponds to a legitimate interest of Civil Technik, for the purposes of direct marketing, improving service quality, fraud prevention, ensuring network and information security in computer systems, or other justifiable cases, as long as it does not harm personal rights and freedoms;

The company will inform data subjects about the processing when collecting their personal data.

Data Retention Purposes and Time Limits


Purpose Category (Examples)

Fraud detection : Fraud detection and illegal practice

Information security control : Access management, logs

Legal compliance: Caller location for emergency services

Network and systems management : Support and enhancement of the networks and applications that support the service

Customer Management and Service Delivery : Contact management, information or requests, Complaint management, Invoicing, collection and payment management

Litigation management : Judicial and extrajudicial collection, Conflict management

Accounting, Fiscal and Administrative Management: Accounting, Invoicing, Fiscal Information, including sending information to the tax authority

Marketing : Customer analysis, consumer profiles, Adaptation and development of new services or products, Marketing or sale of new services or products

Data retention period

The personal data processed by Civil Technik will be kept only for the period of time necessary to fulfil the defined purpose or, as the case may be, until you exercise your right to object, right to be forgotten, or withdraw your consent.

While a contractual relationship exists, Civil Technik will keep and process personal data, however, in case of consent, it may keep some of this data for longer periods, either to ensure rights or duties related to the contract, or for justified legitimate interests.

There are cases in which the law requires the treatment and conservation of data for a minimum period of 10 years, such as the data required to inform the Tax Authority for accounting or tax purposes.

However, whenever there is no specific legal obligation, the data will be processed only for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes that motivated their collection and preservation and always in accordance with the law, the guidelines and decisions of the CNPD.

After the retention period has expired, the data will be deleted or anonymized.

Forms of Data Collection

Personal data collection

By purchasing products/services from Civil Technik you consent to the collection of your personal data. This collection may be done in writing, orally, by filling out forms, through the Civil Technik Engineering website, or through other publicly accessible sources.

Indirect collection

Relevant information about identification, contact data, and credit risk, for collection management, fraud detection, and revenue protection, may be required by Civil Technik from private entities that retain relevant credit information about personal data subjects, provided that these databases comply with applicable data protection rules.

Including accessing, collecting or confirming personal data on websites of the Public Administration and private entities, in particular to confirm the accuracy of your identification and contact details.


Data Analysis

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is stored in the Internet browser or on the computer's hard drive. Only with users' consent, cookies transfer information to the hard drive of computers.

The use of cookies on our website allows us to know and identify the type of visitor. With this information we intend to improve and improvise its content, offer quality, simplicity and ease to find what you are looking for, and also provide a good user experience.

The cookies used on the Website are called analytical cookies. These cookies allow us to recognize and count the number of users/visitors on the website and how they move around.

Cookies used


Services that enable the owner to monitor and analyze web traffic, including user/viewer behavior:

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google")

Google uses the data collected to track and analyze the use of websites, prepare reports about your activities, and share it with other Google services.

Google may use the collected data to contextualize and personalize ads in its own ad network.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy - Refuse.


  • Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking (Facebook, Inc.)

Facebook Ads conversion tracking is an analytics service provided by Facebook, Inc. that connects data from the Facebook advertising network with actions taken on the site.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy.

  • Commented Content

The content commenting services allow users to make and post comments about the content published on the site, and these comments may or may not be anonymous, depending on the site's settings.

When there is an e-mail address, among the Personal Data provided by the user, it can be used to send notifications of comments on the same content, as well as it will be your responsibility the content of your own comments.

If there is a content comment service provided by a third party, it may collect web traffic data for the pages on which the comment service is installed, even when users do not use the content comment service.

  • Facebook Comments (Facebook, Inc.)

Facebook Comments is a content commenting service provided by Facebook, Inc.

This allows the user to leave comments and share them on the Facebook platform.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy.

  • Facebook Remarketing (Facebook, Inc.)

Facebook Remarketing is a behavioral remarketing and targeting service provided by Facebook, Inc. that links website activity to the Facebook advertising network.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy - Refuse.

  • Facebook Custom Audience (Facebook, Inc.)

Facebook Custom Audience is a remarketing and behavioral targeting service provided by Facebook, Inc. that links website activity to the Facebook advertising network.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and email address.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy - Refuse.

  • Interaction with external social networks and platforms

This type of service allows interaction with social networks or other external platforms directly on the pages of the Website.

Information and interactions acquired through the website are always subject to the user's privacy settings for each social network. This service may also collect traffic data for pages on which the service is installed, even when users are not using it.

  • Twitter Tweet button and social widgets (Twitter, Inc.)

The Twitter Tweet button and social widgets are services that allow interaction with the Twitter social network provided by Twitter, Inc.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy.

  • Facebook Like button and social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)

The Facebook Like button and social widgets are services that allow interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook, Inc.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy.

  • LinkedIn Button and Social Widgets (LinkedIn Corporation)

The LinkedIn button and social widgets are services that allow interaction with the LinkedIn social network provided by LinkedIn Corporation.

Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Processing Location: United States - Privacy Policy.

Provide or withdraw consent for the installation of cookies

You can manage the cookie preferences in your browser by preventing third parties from installing cookies, delete cookies already installed and withdraw your consent by clicking on the disable link. In case this disabling link is not provided you should use the means indicated in the third party's privacy policy or by contacting the third party directly.

Users can and should follow the instructions provided in the initiatives subsequently linked to by the EDAA (EU), the Network Advertising Initiative (US) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (US), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan) or other similar services. These initiatives allow users to select their tracking preferences for most advertising tools.

Therefore, it is recommended that users use these resources to supplement the information provided in this document.

Logs and System Maintenance

Our site, including other third party services, may collect files that record interactions with the site using the collection of personal data such as IP address. This may happen in the case of site maintenance operations.

Privacy Policy Changes

Civil Technik reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time, and users will be notified on this page, on the website and/or through personal contact details (when technically and legally possible). Depending on the type of changes, a new collection of consent from the user may be necessary.

Owner and Data Controller

The Owner does not technically control the installation of third party tracking systems and cookies used on the Website, so any references or specific mentions to tracking systems and cookies installed by third parties should be considered indicative and their own privacy policies should be consulted.

In case of difficulty in identifying the above mentioned technologies, cookies and other tracking systems, users may contact Civil Technik if they wish to receive more information about the use of these systems by our website through the following contacts:

Letter : Civil Technik Engineering klg – Ettiswilerstrasse 12 – 6130 Willisau

E-Mail :

Data Protection Rights

See below for your rights and the details that are safeguarded in each one.

Right of Access

Right to obtain confirmation as to which personal data are processed, information about them, purposes of processing and retention periods. Right to view or obtain copies of written agreements, support requests and invoices.

Right of rectification

Right to rectify or complete personal data. 

Right to erasure of data (right to be forgotten) (direito a ser esquecido)

Right to obtain the disappearance/deletion or to be forgotten of personal data, when there are no valid reasons for its conservation.

However, there are cases in which Civil Technik must retain data to comply with legal obligations to preserve it for the investigation, detection, and prosecution of crimes or because legal proceedings are underway.

Right to Portability

Right to receive the data provided in digital format for current use and automatic reading or request the direct transmission of your data to another entity that becomes the new responsible for your personal data, when technically possible.

Right to withdraw consent or right to object

Right to withdraw or oppose your consent, which may be withdrawn or requested at any time and for any data processing, as long as there are no legitimate interests overriding your interests, rights and freedoms, and/or defense of a right in a legal proceeding.

Right of limitation

Right to limit the processing of personal data by requesting the suspension of processing or the limitation of the scope of processing to certain categories of data or purposes of processing.

Right to complain

Right to complain to the company, the supervisory authority, the CNPD, or DPO.

Exercising your rights

Information and complaints must be provided in writing and, if requested, may be provided orally. In the case of oral requests, Civil Technik must verify your identity by means other than oral.

Civil Technik Engineering will, within 30 days at the latest, provide answers to the requests submitted, except in the case of a complex request. 

The exercise of rights is free of charge, with the exception of unfounded or excessive requests. For these cases, fees may be charged taking into account the costs of legal and/or judicial order.

To exercise your rights contact:

Letter : Civil Technik Engineering klg – Ettiswilerstrasse 12 – 6130 Willisau

E-Mail :

Telephone : 0041 41 970 49 49

Transmission of personal data

Communication of personal data to third parties or other entities

If personal data is passed on to third parties or other entities to process the data on behalf of Civil Technik, the company will take the necessary contractual measures to ensure that the subcontractors respect and protect the personal data of users.

The data may also be transmitted to entities that request, by force of law, its communication, such as the tax authority.

Security measures

Personal data protection

Civil Technik has implemented requirements and security measures in its computer systems and technological infrastructure (Firewall, intrusion detection systems, etc.), as well as a strict policy on access to information systems and records of actions taken by its employees on personal data of users and/or customers.

The company strictly controls access to its facilities, whether by employees, partners, or visitors.

Its employees and partners attend information and training programs on privacy policy, requirements, security measures and access rules that help its customers and users strengthen their security control mechanisms.

Useful Advice

  • Caution is recommended when exposing personal data and circulating them on the internet, and these acts are the entire responsibility of the user;
  • The personal data inserted on the Internet are not protected against possible violations, in its entirety, so it is recommended to adopt additional security measures, keep the equipment and programs always updated and configured with firewall and protection against malicious software;
  • Do not use/browse dubious sites with no guarantees of authenticity;
  • Use strong and different passwords on each service;
  • Always read and consult the websites' cookie usage rules;
  • Read and accept the rules of personal data processing before using the Websites, applications or products;
  • Civil Technik's website or social pages may contain links to third-party websites, products or services;
  • The collection and processing of personal data requested by third parties are their sole responsibility. Civil Technik Engineering cannot be held responsible for the truthfulness, legitimacy and content of these websites, nor for the manner of use or processing of data collected by them or their intermediaries;

Legal information

This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy was based on provisions of multiple legislations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

This privacy policy relates only to this site, if not otherwise stated herein.

Information not contained in this document

Further questions about the collection and processing of personal data may be requested at any time through the aforementioned means.

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